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Tourist voucher PDF Print E-mail

     Tourist voucher is an obligatory document for opening tourist visa in the Ukrainian embassy. This document comes forward as an agreementwith the Ukrainian tourist company and the client, it comes as guarantee for all services, and suppose the whole range of responsibility given by the tourist company during the client’s trip on the territory of Ukraine.

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    Travel agency "Antanta Travel" is the visa application center of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Kiev (Ukraine).

    There is a mutual visa regime between Ukraine and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you are a citizen or resident of Ukraine and you need to obtain a visa to Saudi Arabia it will be our pleasure to help you.

Registration in Ukraine PDF Print E-mail

   To obtain a residence permit it`s necessary to have registration (registration). We offer a registration for 1 year with the possibility of extension.

The processing time is 3 working days

Cost 3500 UAH

Still have question? Please contact us

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Many young people after receiving full secondary education are faced with the question of obtaining further education abroad. When choosing education and the country in which training will take place, many factors play an important role: level of education, cost, comfort of living, simple paperwork process, etc.

If you have chosen to study in Ukraine, we will be glad to become your partners, over the period of 10 years of work, many of our clients have become close friends and trust us . Ukraine has become one of the most sought-after countries among foreign students. For our part, we will make the process of entering and learning as pleasant and accessible as possible for our students, and they will be able to concentrate on their studies, forgetting about the problems associated with bureaucratic difficulties. The presence of contracts with various educational institutions, extensive experience in migration legislation, excellent reputation - all these factors make studying in Ukraine easy and affordable.

We can guarantee full support at the stage of preparation of documents, guaranteed visa support. We will also arrange a meeting on arrival, check-in and registration in an educational institution, support during the whole period of study, provision of legal assistance and support in difficult life circumstances.


* Copy of high school diploma;
* A copy of the Diploma Supplement (grades);
* Copy of passport;
* Address, phone number for postal delivery;


* Invitation from the university;
* The original and a copy of the diploma of complete secondary education with a translation into English and Certified (apostille);
* Original Diploma Supplement Certified (apostille);
* Birth certificate and copy Certified (apostille);
* Medical certificates (HIV, AIDS, Syphilis, Fluorography);


Our invitation;
Diploma of complete secondary education with a translation into English and Certified;
Diploma supplement and Certified;
Birth certificate Certified;
Medical certificates (HIV, AIDS, Syphilis, Fluorography);


$ 500 our service;
$ 65 consular fee is paid by the client at the embassy.


  • Your send all necessary copy of documents to our mail;
  • Payment for invitation (500 USD);
  • 3 days to make invitation and 3-7 days to delivery originals by courier company;
  • You have to complete your document and apply for visa( inform as a day of applying for visa);
  • After getting visa inform as out your arrival date to Ukraine and we will meet to.
Сколько необходимо денег для въезда в Украину? PDF Print E-mail
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Въезд на территорию Украины иностранных граждан осуществляется по загранпаспортам , а также при наличии виз для граждан стран, с которыми предусмотрен визовый режим.

Каждый иностранный гражданин должен иметь достаточное финансовое обеспечение для пребывания на территории Украины.

Количество финансовых средств рассчитывается по формуле:

ФО = ((20 х Пmin) : 30) х (КД+5), где ФО - достаточное финансовое обеспечение, Пmin - прожиточный минимум на одно лицо из расчета на месяц (по состоянию на апрель 2014 г. он составляет 1176 UAH, КД - плановое количество дней пребывания на территории Украины. К примеру :

  • Для открытия виза на 15 дней, необходимо иметь 15680 грн.
  • Для открытия визы на 30 дней, необходимо иметь 27475 грн.
  • Для открытия визы на 90 дней, необходимо иметь 74480 грн.
Visa to Ukraine NEW RULES PDF Print E-mail

    On September 10, 2011 it`s introduced a new procedure of obtaining visas for foreigners in Ukraine, and it`s abolished many types of visas. Thus, at present there are 3 types of visas: transit, short-term, long-term.

Work permit in Ukraine PDF Print E-mail

     To obtain the work permit to Ukraine, foreign citizens and stateless persons need to obtain permission from the employment center, on the basis of which an embassy or consulate of Ukraine abroad issue a multi-entry visa type D for 90 days. After coming to Ukraine, it is necessary to get a temporary residence permit (TRP), to register at the place of residence and get an identification code by the term of visa. After passing all these procedures foreigner can be employed at the territory of Ukraine.

    Today, the legislation of Ukraine has changed the order of employment. Note, that foreigners who live in Ukraine on the basis of TRP which is received for other reasons (marriage, training, religious or volunteer activities, etc.) and plan to work should obtain a work permit in Ukraine.

Visa to Ukraine (types) PDF Print E-mail

            As it is accepted in the most countries all over the world, foreigners and persons without documents for citizenship in Ukraine are obliged to get visa, if they want to enter Ukraine. Depending on the purpose of the visit and theterms of staying in Ukraine, visasdiffers by the procedure of receipt and terms of issue.

Правила: Туристическая виза в Украину
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      Для посещения Украины туристами из ряда стран (детальную информацию вы найдете в таблице) установлен визовый режим. Порядок въезда в Украину, к сожалению, регламентирован очень поверхностно, что создает  предпосылки для не правильного его использования как со стороны иностранных туристов так и со стороны работник государственных органов.

Medical insurances to Ukraine for foreigners PDF Print E-mail


       The medicine policies of our company are accreditated in all Embassies of Ukraine abroad and we guarantee that you will have no problems applying it.

      The comprehensive health insurance includes (this is the minimum list for applying for a visa):

  • accident insurance
  • medical insurance

      The cost of medicine police

The term of the insurance policy Price
1-30 days 25 $
30-60 days 34 $
60-90 days 50 $
+ 30 days +15 $
360 days (1 year) 100 $


To issue the medicine police we need from you:

  • Name & Surname;
  • Date of birth;
  • dates of your trip to Ukraine (from …till…).

To order the police you can contact us in any easy for you way: Contact.

The term of preparation is 5 minutes.

Mandatory insurance from COVID-19 for foreigners

To enter Ukraine, a mandatory requirement is that foreigners and stateless persons have a valid insurance policy to cover the costs of treatment with COVID-19, observation. In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, entry into Ukraine for foreigners and stateless persons without this insurance is prohibited.
You can get this insurance policy from us, the cost is $ 20.

     According to Ukrainian legislation o each foreigner is obliged to be insured during his stay on the territory of Ukraine. This requirement applies to all types of visas.
     On the basis of Art. 16 of the Law of Ukraine "On Tourism" travel insurance is obligatory and is realized on the basis of contracts with insurance companies. At the poles it is must be provided for the provision of medical care when the insured event in the country (place) of their temporary residence, insurance shall be effected only once during the entire trip.

Recommendations for tourists while staying in Ukraine: PDF Print E-mail

1.  All tourists must have passport while staying in Ukraine.
2.  Foreign tourists are required to leave the territory of Ukraine in time or within the period indicated by visa.
3.  This type of visa provides the right to visit Ukraine solely for tourism, without the right to work in Ukraine.

Responsibility of Foreigners and statelless persons PDF Print E-mail

     Foreigners and stateless persons enjoy all the rights and they are in charge like all the citizens of Ukraine. There are certain norms in the field of immigration law In connection with the specific status of foreigners.


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