Obtaining an tax identification code (Tax ID) for a foreigner (non-resident)

Obtaining an tax identification code (Tax ID) for a foreigner (non-resident)

Citizens of Ukraine, as well as foreign citizens and stateless persons who are on the territory of Ukraine (permanently residing or temporarily staying) are required to have an identification tax code (card of an individual payer of taxes of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine) if they plan to purchase any real estate, company registration , opening accounts, purchasing significant amounts, paying taxes, receiving loans or income (you do not need to receive WESTERN UNION or MONET GRAMM). The receipt of the code does not entail the accrual of taxes or payments. Also, there are no age restrictions for obtaining a code.

Ukrainian law provides for the possibility to officially refuse to receive a code because of their religious beliefs. However, it is still necessary to contact the fiscal authorities with a corresponding statement.

Why is it needed ?

  • To pay any taxes or other mandatory payments on the territory of Ukraine;
  • To obtain a work visa to Ukraine;
  • To open a bank account;
  • If a foreigner plans to become the owner (founder) of a business in Ukraine;
  • If a foreigner plans to buy real estate in Ukraine (apartment, land, house...).

To issue an identification code for a foreigner, you must provide the following documents:

  • A copy of your passport (a mark of crossing the border control or a copy of a residence permit is required);
  • Notarized power of attorney for our employee (can be issued in our office).

The rest of the documents will be prepared by the employees of our company on the basis of a power of attorney

  • Processing time - 4 days
  • Cost - 1000 UAH