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    Travel agency "Antanta Travel" is the visa application center of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Kiev (Ukraine).

    There is a mutual visa regime between Ukraine and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you are a citizen or resident of Ukraine and you need to obtain a visa to Saudi Arabia it will be our pleasure to help you.


Our advantages:

  • free consultation (contacts);
  • working hours from 9.00 to 18.00 seven days a week;
  • no personal presence is required;
  • the lowest prices;
  • no personal application;
  • the price already includes all fees (consular fees, medical insurance);
  • • the maximum time of keeping passports in the office is 24 hours.

Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Kiev (Ukraine):

  • Address: Ukraine, Kiev, 1-3, Krasnodonskaya street
  • Telephone Number of the Visa Centre: +38 044 361-83-24

Depending on the purpose of the visit are the following visa types:

We also offer:


Contact us for more information:

tel. +38 044 361-83-24
+38 050 440-16-40
+38 068 418-64-63
+38 093 772-57-87
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Skype: antantatravel
Licence АE № 272741
Kiev, 16, Mechnikova street, office 214

What language to use to fill the application form in?

   You should use the Arabic or English language to fill the application form in.

Do I need a biometric passport to obtain Saudi Arabia visa?

   Any valid international passport is suitable for obtaining a visa.

Is it necessary to be present at the Embassy?

    All the documents are applied and received by visa application center (Antanta Travel) staff members, the procedure of personal application is not provided. There is also no need in registration of documents that confirm authority of the visa center staff member. In case of having any questions the officials of the consular department can call the applicant to specify certain issues.

I’m in Belarus and there is no Embassy here. How can I apply for Saudi Arabia visa?

    Application is possible in case of having the invitation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with indication that visa will be issued at the Embassy of Ukraine. In this case the documents are legalized and certified according to the requirements of the country of permanent residence.

Can I get a visitor visa to Saudi Arabia?

   The issuance of visitor visas to Saudi Arabia is currently not performed.

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