Work permit in Ukraine

     To obtain the work permit to Ukraine, foreign citizens and stateless persons need to obtain permission from the employment center, on the basis of which an embassy or consulate of Ukraine abroad issue a multi-entry visa type D for 90 days. After coming to Ukraine, it is necessary to get a temporary residence permit (TRP), to register at the place of residence and get an identification code by the term of visa. After passing all these procedures foreigner can be employed at the territory of Ukraine.

    Today, the legislation of Ukraine has changed the order of employment. Note, that foreigners who live in Ukraine on the basis of TRP which is received for other reasons (marriage, training, religious or volunteer activities, etc.) and plan to work should obtain a work permit in Ukraine.

  Doesn’t need to obtain work permit for the following categories of foreigners:

  1. Who permanently live in Ukraine (have permanent residence);
  2. Who have been getted refugee status.

        Work permit is issued by the employment center on the basis of documents submitted on behalf of the Ukrainian company in which a foreigner is planned to be employed.

Work permit is issued for::

  1. Foreigners and stateless persons if it had been make a decision about giving them refugee status;
  2. For seconded employees;
  3. Intra-corporate assignees.

Also, it has been established new requirements for payment of wages.

10 minimum wages for foreigners ( except, foreign highly paid professionals, founders, extracts 100 of the best universities in the world, representatives of creative professions, IT professionals).


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