Visa extension and return to Saudi Arabia

A special type of visa for Ukrainians and residents of Ukraine who have a residence permit in Saudi Arabia and plan to return back after a long absence.


  • Filled application form;
  • 2 photos sized 4x6;
  • Signed commitment;
  • Original of international passport (2 blank pages on the opening spread must be in the passport, as well as validity period of at least 6 months);
  • Copy of the "electronic exit re-entry visa" from the "Abshir" program;
  • Copy of the sponsor's passport;
  • Copy of the sponsor's IQAMA;
  • Copy of the letter from the Saudi company to the Embassy of Saudi Arabiain Kiev with a request to extend the return certified by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
  • Copy of your IQAMA;
  • Copy of stamps of the last entry into KSA and departure from KSA;
  • The original of the letter from the university confirming the study (for students, with a residence permit in Ukraine);
  • Translation into Arabic of the letter from the university (seal of the translation agency);
  • Flight tickets.

* The Embassy of the KSA in Ukraine reserves the right to require additional documents for obtaining a visa.
** After submitting documents to the visa center you have to make an appointment for fingerprinting.