Registration company in Ukraine

Registration LLC company   Ukraine is a huge country by European standards with a population of 44 million people. In 2016, Ukraine received a visa-free regime with the countries of the Schengen Union, which strengthened the investment climate in Ukraine. Many companies start to open their representative office in Ukraine, why would not you do the same?

   With our help, you can do it easily, quickly and efficiently.



New LLC company in Ukraine:


You will get Price Term
  1. Legal registered company in Ukraine;
  2. Stamp of the company;
  3. Virtual address and agreement of the company;
  4. Nominee Director Services;
  5. Maintaining accounting in your company;
  6. Possibility of obtaining a work permit in Ukraine;
  7. Advice of our lawyer.
300 USD 3 days

   We guarantee you results or we will return your money. Our team, led by a lawyer, has 8 years of experience helping foreigners in opening companies, protecting the rights of foreigners, obtaining a temporary residence permit, permanent…

   We will be happy to answer your questions, please contact us in any convenient way.


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